Monday, November 10, 2008

MPV Proton pertama (Model Baru)

Ini pula adalah MPV proton yang pertama..ari tuh ada buat peraduan menamakan proton ni..ntah la sepa yang menang..apa2 pun di bawah saya selitkan gambar mpv tersebut untuk tatapan anda..

Ini pula antara sedikit spesifikasi mpv tersebut..

Proton sources have confirmed that the Proton MPV will initially come with the 125 horsepower Campro CPS found in the highline GEN2 CPS facelift. The car will ride on 15 inch wheels which should be easy on the fuel consumption as well as tyre change bills as smaller tyres are cheaper. 125hp is far from sprinty on a heavy vehicle especially with all 7 seats occupied, but it is still more powerful than the 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 liter engines that almost all B-segment Japanese MPVs have to make do with.

A turbocharged Campro engine is said to be in the works but according to inside sources if any other engine options other than the CPS engine are to be available for the Proton MPV, next in line is more likely to be a turbodiesel engine.

p/s ; sesiapa yg berminat?? bley la ready slip gaji 3 bulan..lesen memandu..ic..epf statement..dan apply loan pegi bank..hehehe..thn depan.


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