Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The chemical used in Pringles is also used in hair-perm chemical, a very harmful chemical even on a very insignificant quantity (will cause kidney cancer), adult shouldn’t consume more than 0.01g per day while children not more than 0.003g!

Product called back from all HK markets & banned in USA !! It contains cancer causing ingredient for those who don’t read Chinese!

P/S : Sebenarnya aku copy ja info ne dari sebuah blog..aku mana reti cakap cina..apatah lagik tamil..dulu time blaja pun aku bodo2 pegik amik bahsa perancis...sepa2 reti cakap/baca tulisan cina kat atas ne..sila bagik kesahihan ok..bagik dlm komen tu..wokey..kah kah kah..


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