Friday, March 6, 2009


Don’t read horoscope. They are rubbish. There’s another method to learn about other people characteristics ? by reading my CARoscope.

gambar perodua myvi
Perodua MyVi ? You are kind of person who can easily be influenced by your
friends. Plus, you are energetic and young. But, if you are 50’s and driving
this car, it is a sign of mid-life crisis.

naza citra@artikel best
Naza Citra ? You don’t really care about current fuel price.

perdana V6 at artikel best
Proton Perdana V6 ? Err..Are you a government servant?

proton saga BLM @ artikel best
Proton Saga BLM ? You are a great family guy and loves to travel with your
family. If you are female, it’s a sign that you have a lot of shoes (in the

proton satria neo @ artikel best
Proton Satria Neo ? You want to be cool but you don’t have enough money for it.

naza bestari @ artikel best
Naza Bestari ? You think you are different and unique but you are not.

kenari @ artikel best
Perodua Kenari ? You are kind of person who hates Perodua Myvi just because your
enemy owned it.

toyota avanza @ artikel best
Toyota Avanza ? No, no. You don’t have to tell me about your age. I know your
are 45 years old and your fifth child is 9 years old.

Toyota Prius @ artikel best
Toyota Prius ? You got some money and a smaller brain too.

proton savvy@artikel best
Proton Savvy ? You are a gay.

Ha ha..

P/S : Proton savvy GAY...hahahhahaha!!!...cilakak!


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